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Wheat Grinders For Emergency Preparedness

For emergency preparedness having hand wheat grinders and regular wheat grinders around for use will make it easier if having to grind your grains for food without electricity unless you have solar power available.  Two stones by hand would not be the way to go if you had to grind your wheat and other grains to feed your family or friends.  It would be best to invest into a cheaper hand wheat grinder that will grind your wheat and grains much quicker.

There are a few different types of hand wheat grinders out there that are nonelectrical ranging in different price ranges from under fifty dollars to hundreds.  There are some wheat grinders that are duel, either be used manually or with electricity, which is quite nice when wanting to use it if the power goes out.  Some are made if you wanted to add a motor to the turning wheel, which has a slot for a belt, you could make it electrical if not wanting to do it manually.  Here are a couple of the different hand wheat grinders you can consider to purchase.  There are many more out there if you do a little searching here online:

Back to Basics Manual Grain Mill (555)

The Back to Basics Grain Mill is one of the more economical hand wheat grinders that can be obtained that will grind your grains from coarse to fine.  It has a easy dial for self-locking adjustment from coarse to fine if wanting to adjust.  It is built with compact burrs in the grinder which often times out-performs the larger and heavier hand grinders with their stainless-steel milling cones.  For years stone milling has been the standard but stone mills can chip and get gummed up easier, making them harder to clean, but with Back to Basics Grain Mill having the new burr technology used it can grind harder grains and can be cleaned easier. It is light weight weighing 2-1/2 lbs. and has a 2-1/4 cup grain hopper.

Country Living Grain Mill

Here is a well built hand wheat grinder that will grind virtually all dry grains, including wheat, corn, beans, peas amaranth, etc. It can out perform many of the electric wheat grinders out there.  The large hopper can hold up to 2 lbs of wheat and has a self locking adjustment for finer or courser grains  It has been designed very conveniently to be used by hand for grinding or quickly and simply motorized with no adapter kit necessary. It has 30% less torque or energy required to turn than most comparable hand mills on the market.  It's been recommended, if using a motor, by using at least a 1/3 HP motor rated at 1150 RPM and equipped with a 1 1/2" pulley. This ratio will produce about 115 to 120 RPM at the flywheel. Other motors can be used, but they will need to geared so that the RPM at the flywheel does not exceed 140 RPM.  Read the manual for more details of use and assembly if wanting to purchase one of these.  They have been guaranteed to last for years under normal wear and use.  Country Living Grain Mills are a little more pricey but will last you for years to come. 

Golden Grain Deluxe

If wanting a nice walnut wood hand wheat grinder that is duel powered with a 3/4 horse power motor or a included attachable handle for hand grinding your grain, than you might want to consider the Golden Grain Deluxe grinder.  It is built with a new improved self-cleaning stones with razor sharp stainless steel cutting burr edges made of stainless steel that crack the kernel of grain.  The grain is then passed through stones where it is finely ground.  The Golden Grain deluxe built with a stainless steel drawer that keeps the flour from blowing around and that is easy to keep clean. It can grind up to 60 pounds of flour per hour and has a simple lever on back of motor to quickly adjust to desired grind for fine flours, or coarse cereals. It will grind wheat, rye, oats, millet, barley, soybeans, corn, rice, buckwheat peas, beans, alfalfa, clover or any dry seed.  The Golden Grain Deluxe can usually bought at the $400.00 to $500.00 range but will last you for years to come.



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