1975 VW Beetle (Regular) Baja Style EV $6,500 OBO

This is a VW Beetle EV conversion that has been converted into a truck that runs at 48 volts using the 4845 Alltrax Controller and the Jack & Heinze G-29 Aircraft Starter / Generator Shunt Motor.  With this set up the clutch is used to shift gears.  There are eight 6 volt T-105 batteries that are installed in this vehicle running at 48 volts.  It comes with a onboard Capacitive Charger 3-4 amp  battery charger and a 1-2 amp float charger for the accessory battery.  It has installed a DC volt meter and amp meter on the dash for easy readings. The motor can handle up to 250 degree F., but monitoring the temperature is a good idea can be as easy as buying cooking temperature monitor and taping it on.  The Alltrax controller will shut off at 175 degree F if it gets to hot which can be adjusted up or down with a laptop computer using a RS-232 cable (with a USB connection) that can be bought at any Radio Shack or online.  This car will out perform any GEM car by its speed being that they only get 25 MPH top. Top speed that was obtained with this vehicle was 49 MPH but average speeds will be around 40-45 mph on the flat stretch.   With a full charge on these batteries it got 25 miles driving conservatively.  This can change according to your driving habits, terrain, outside temperatures, etc.   The batteries are used and the radio doesn't work.  The radio might just need speakers to be hooked up but haven't tested it to know.  The tires are marginal and the bottom pan has been repaired, but it is solid, with new undercoat underneath added.   It has a new two part base coat clear paint on its body, which is some of the best paint out there to use.  Horn, lights, turn signals, hazard lights and brakes all work. There is a hot wire to the back ready for a hookup of a light for a license plate if wanting to add it.  It has installed a DC volt meter and amp meter on the dash for easy readings.  This conversion could be upgraded in the future, using higher voltage EV components and having another four slots for batteries available behind the seats next to the other batteries. Contact Allen with inquiries at a2012g@yahoo.com Will give phone number if wanting to finalize a sell with this vehicle.


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