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Treadle Sewing Machine

In modern society treadle sewing machines seem out of place or non useful, but if thinking of the future for emergency preparedness it would be a good investment to purchase one.  In the long term treadle sewing machines would come handy if electricity isn't a source you have unless you have solar power or some other alternative power at your residence.  In that case any regular sewing machine would work just fine.  If you are not use to using one it might be a little adjustment in using but well worth the effort in the long run.  Having sewing supplies and sewing materials would be necessary to stock up on if doing any kind sewing, especially if you are a seamstress and could help others in sewing.

Most treadle sewing machines are antique like the antique Singer sewing machines and aren't too expensive to acquire. Usually you can get antique treadle sewing machines them on eBay for $200.00 and less although most are pickup only. Some will ship though but shipping is a little costly being that they are big and bulky. There are a few companies that make them new and can be bought for $1,500.00 or more with the cabinet table and treadle included.  Some have more than just one stitch to work with, being they are more modern sewing machines that are converted in treadle sewing machines which is quite nice.  Also eBay has sellers selling parts as well as manuals for these older antique sewing machines. It would be a good idea to have parts on hand for these treadle sewing machines if ever they needing to be fixed.  There are places online that can give you information on particular treadle sewing machines if wanting more information.




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