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Solar Radio & Crank Radio Communication

With many possibilities of having our communication be down because of some natural disaster or nuclear attack it would be good to know what is happening around you and invest into a solar radio or a crank radio.  Many of them have the duel capacity to charge the battery with also the added ability to charge them with a normal AC adapter plug.  Additional items such as a flashlight, siren features or a TV band are included on some of them.  Crank & solar radios can come in handy when there is no electricity to use.  Some are built with built in batteries and others are built with removable batteries that could be charged with a solar battery charger.   By using a solar battery charger you could  also use NiMH or NiCd batteries for a regular radio.  The only disadvantage would be if was night or you had stormy days, your solar radio or batteries couldn't be charge unless you were already keeping up on it and had some charged.  In that case crank radios would come in very handy.  Many these crank radios are made well so that by just 30 seconds of cranking can give you a couple of hours of listening time.

It would be a good idea to have a couple of these solar radios or crank radios handy if needed to grab for use for emergency.  Maybe keep a smaller one in a 72 hour kit or backpack for easy takings.  Some of them are waterproof and would be ideal in getting if living in possible flooding areas such as rivers, oceans, gullies or lakes.

Most of these solar radios and crank radios can be bought right online for reasonable prices by doing a search in online directories such as Google, etc.  Ebay even has good prices on them by sellers.  It's harder to find them in the retail stores all though they are becoming more popular so you could check your local outdoors retail store for availability.



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