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Choosing The Right Blankets And Sleeping Bags

Choosing the best sleeping bag and blanket when it comes surviving out in the cold or the possibility of getting wet under cold conditions, is something to keep in mind.  In a survival situation you would want a blanket or sleeping bag that would keep you warm, but also warm if it was wet. You might not be in a situation that that would be a concern so a lighter weight sleeping bag that is comfortable could keep you very warm.

Wool Blankets

The advantages of having wool blankets is they will keep you warm if they are wet.  Wool Blankets are usually quite durable, long lasting, and cost much less than your quality expensive sleeping bags.  The fiber in them are flexible in strength which allows wool blankets to keep their softness and shape and can last a life time of use.  100% wool blankets are flame resistant having a naturally moister contents to them which makes them  noncombustible and quite safe for that reason.  It's good to have some these for your family at home for emergencies even if you don't use them in the mean time.  These Army blankets have been found online for as low as $7.00 up to $30.00 each. A side note for cleaning wool blankets is to only do it when necessary of either washing or dry cleaning them.  In most cases just a good shake with a little fresh air and sun will do the job.

Sleeping Bags
Sleeping bags varies from the simplest; giving the lowest temperature at which the bag should keep you warm, to more advanced sleeping bags that provide warmth and comfort even in extreme temperatures.                                               

There are variety of sleeping bags that adapt to varying temperatures. Ranges include down and synthetic sleeping bags, along with sleeping bags that have an integrated sleeping mat. If having to travel light there are comprehensive range of lightweight, insulated and breathable sleeping bags that pack down super small and weigh a minimal amount. Here are a couple of different types of insulation for sleeping bags.

  • Down is one of nature's best insulator and very high in warmth to weight ratio.  It's water repellent being made from geese, ducks and other waterfowl birds that have that natural fluff undercoating to keep them warm.


  • 3M Thinsulate lite Loft sleeping bags are light and compact and less bulky than other sleeping bags with the same temperature ratings up to 25% lighter.

  • PolarguardŽ HV: This is the latest version of the unique material that made the original PolarguardŽ a legend for durability and ease of care. Hollow fibers and changes in the stabilization process increase warmth by about 25% and improve softness and compressibility.

  • Dupoint Certified HollofilŽ: The standard synthetic fill for good quality, moderately priced bags. It is soft, comfortable, inexpensive and compresses well. Its four chamber hollow fibers give it more warmth for weight than solid filament fills and durability is excellent.

It might be good to have to have a back pack with a sleeping bag tied on ready to go if needed.  The back pack could have all your supplies for a few days, and of course a sleeping bag would be necessary for an excursion of sort.

Cotton Blankets

Cotton blankets are not recommended in most cases being that they are more of a summer blanket. They are breathable but very absorbent, meaning if they got wet, they would not keep you warm and will shrink. Cotton Blankets are long lasting though being that they will not pill or shed.  When cleaning them, avoid washing in warm or hot water, cold is much better on gentle cycle. Machine drying is recommended than air drying, helping it preserve it shape and keeping it from shrinking.  If you have them they would probably be better than not have any blankets at all.

Emergency Blankets

If having to be on the run there are the emergency blankets that are light, very affordable and have a few different styles to choose from.  These can be thrown into your 72 hour kits or emergency back packs and will work well for the emergencies on the run.



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