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Propane Lanterns For Light

Propane lanterns would be good to have for emergency preparedness and are made to give off much light in an outdoor situation during a disaster.  Propane lanterns might not be the most ideal thing to carry in a backpack being that the propane tanks are heavier in weight compared to normal flashlights. But if in a circumstance that you having to camp and had been able to prepared before time (such as in a vehicle that is fueled and supplied for such a circumstances) it would be ideal to have some of these propane lanterns in storage as well as extra filaments and tanks.  Bigger propane tanks can be acquired which could last you for longer periods of time if needed for your light or propane stoves for cooking.  Some of there propane lanterns are duel fuel and will take propane or regular unleaded which would be ideal for having the option of two sources of fuel to choose from.  Coleman seems to have the market on propane lanterns and seem to make good quality ones.  Here are a couple mention here that you could consider:

Coleman Compact Propane Lantern

This coleman lantern is a more compact one if you were considering caring one in a backpack, weighing 0.64 lbs in it self. They are built with a metal guard to help protect the globe from breaking and have a chain for caring or hanging.  It has a fully adjustable light output and with a one 16.4 oz. propane cylinder it can last up to 12 hours of light.  The pressure is regulated for constant light, not mattering the weather, and the mantle is slip-on, bayonet-style #5.  If on the go, this might be the better choice if wanting propane for your lighting.

Coleman Northstar Propane Lantern

This Coleman lantern is a little more nicer having an electronic ignition, with no matches necessary.  It has easy adjustable lighting and a built in pressure control regulator that will give steady illumination in cold weather, high altitudes or when fuel is low.  Its unique tube mantle doesn't have to be tied and is easily made to clip on when needing to replace.  The mantle is made of nonreadioactive materials, making it harmless when in light.  The ventilator has porcelain built in making it resisting rust and corrosion.  The globe is also protected from breaking and this coleman lantern comes a nylon carrying case that zips up.

Coleman 2 Mantle Propane Lantern

The coleman two mantle propane lanterns are a little more expensive if wanting a good quality one, but these will put off much more light than your regular single mantle lanterns.  These will light for seven hours if run on high or fourteen hours if run on low if using the 16.4 oz propane cylinder.  It is also built with the porcelain ventilator keeping it from rust and corrosion.  This Coleman lantern comes with a unique foldable feet on a stable base making it nice for setting on tables.

Battery Coleman Lanterns

Coleman also makes battery operated lanterns coming in many different shapes and sizes with different attributes such as able to float, self storing cases, resistance to weather and being able to turn on from 50 feet away.  These kind of lanterns would need batteries for long time use so you would want to store up on batteries.  You could consider solar battery chargers with chargeable batteries that would make these lanterns workable for even longer time of use.

Coleman Multi-Purpose Lantern Stand

Coleman multi-purpose lantern stand can be purchased as an accessory and is great for hanging you propane lanterns or any kind of lanterns you might have.  It telescopes to over 7 feet making your lighting area much greater visibility.  It is made of durable steel and aluminum and comes with caring case for transporting and storing.  These lantern stands can be purchased usually for under $25.00 at most retail outdoor stores or even here online.



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