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Emergency Preparedness With Guns And Ammo*

Being prepared with the proper supplies of guns and ammo during a disaster or in a emergency circumstance can be challenged with so many different views far as guns are concerned and also depending on the country in where you live.  But here in America we do have to remember that our nation was set up to have the right to bare arms as stated in our second amendment of our Constitution.  If we are honorable citizens and treat each other so, than guns can be used for the good for our protection or hunting game if needed and won't find the abuse of today's criminals, who will be criminals and have guns anyways.  It's of course your option to own guns as American citizens and everyone should have that choice here to decide that and not condemn other if they choose to have them.  Much could be said on this subject but this will suffice.

So what kind of gun should you have in such situations of emergencies?  There will be a lot of different answers to this question but here are a few different opinions that will be given here that might help:  If your nation was being attacked and your family was vulnerable to enemy fire it would be wise to have a good hand gun such a 44 caliber or 9mm that could be used in your home or property.  Have enough ammo to last a while if needed, all though you hope you would never have to use it. Rifles and shot guns can also can be beneficial for good uses.

Hand Guns

There are a couple of different types of hand guns to get.  Revolvers come in six shooters and other sizes which are the most reliable hand guns being that they have a lot less moving parts in them compared to your semi-auto guns which jam at times.  The only draw back in having a revolver is that they are bigger guns over all and take more time to load if you were in a life threatening situation.   Also they don't hold as many rounds that most semi-auto have.  It would still be recommended that you have at least one in your home to use if needed.  Semi-autos are still nice to have being that they can carry from nine up to fifteen or more bullets per cartridge giving you an advantage over your opponent.  If  you  have a nice semi-auto hand gun and want to make sure it is up to par, you could have a gunsmith work on it to tune it up to work reliably.  A lot of times jamming is caused when the bullet is ejected into the barrel of the gun, which if the edge is not rounded or smooth enough, can cause it to jam.  This in most cases can be fixed by a trained gunsmith. 


Having  a good rifle and shot gun is also crucial for emergency preparedness.  If you were ever in a situation that you had to hunt for food it would be good to have a bolt action rifle and a shot gun for small game. Also for protection if needed.  Family members that might not want to use a high powered rifle could use a smaller caliber such as the .22 cal. which easier to handle.  They are also good for small game.


The type of ammunition you buy is crucial being that there is corrosive and noncorrosive gun powder in them. If you don't immediately clean your gun after shooting with corrosive ammo, it will tend to corrode and rust inside of your barrel and other moving parts of your gun making it unreliable and possible less accurate when shooting it.  Most ammo of today have the noncorrosive powder but it is always good to check this before you buy.  You also want to have cleaning kits for your guns being it is good recommendation to keep your guns in good working order for what ever ammunition you use. By doing so you will have a reliable gun that will work for years to come.

One thing you want consider when buying a gun is what is the common ammo that is being used today.  If you had to leave you ammo behind or were out of it, you would want to be able to find the same ammo for your gun easily accessible.  If you have a gun that uses an uncommon bullet, you would find it much difficult to obtain ammunition for it, and what is a gun without a ammunition.  Some examples of the most common ammo of today is your 9mm for hand guns and .308 win. cal., .223 rem. cal., 7,62mm cal. for your rifles.  Also 12 gauge for your shot guns is quite common.


* Disclaimer:  This web page is for information only.  No selling or buying gun takes place on this site.  In no case will there be any liability for any damage or harm, caused by use or misuse of any information, facts and opinions, placed on this web page.   All information is gathered from the open sources.


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