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Grover  Rocket Stove / Cooking Stove for Emergency Preparedness

Found and Sold at

Here is what you call a rocket stove which is a very efficient stove that uses very little fuel, such as wood and dry foliage, to cook meals with. It is used a lot in the third world countries where wood isn't easily accessible. With just a handful of wood you can cook a whole meal, twigs and small branches that is left from other campers that they didn't use. You can use the Grover Rocket Stove for preparedness, camping, picnic outings, etc.

These rocket stoves  are used in Africa because people can burn grass, sagebrush, and other dry plant matter to cook food in places where trees are rare therefore firewood is scarce.  It has a steel tongue which is the flat metal bar coming out of the bottom opening for setting longer pieces of wood into it and for better air flow for the fire under the tongue.  A small piece of rolled up paper or some dried leaves can get it started and you can use small twigs and branches or wood that you've split with a hatchet to feed the fire. If you want to find more information on Rocket Stoves you can go to Youtube and type in rocket stoves.  These Grover Rocket Stoves are handmade right here in the USA and are built to last a lifetime.  You can find out more information and purchase one of these stove by going to



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