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Hand Garden Tools For Emergency

Maybe in a normal disaster or for an emergency preparedness event having hand garden tools might not be something you would think would be as important as other emergency supplies for storage.  But if you are trying to prepare for the long run where there could be an economical crash in your country or maybe an invasion, how long would it take for the stores to be cleared of food and how long would your food storage last, especially if your helping in feeding many people (at least that should be our intention if it came down to it). Hopefully you would have stored enough food storage for a few years, especially if you live in an urban area. But having some knowledge about gardening and actually growing one if all possible would be very practical.  With the farming skills slowly dying, most of us don't have much experience if not at all in growing a garden.  It was our grandparents and great grandparents that knew how.  There are many books that can be bought online and at your local book store that can teach you how to garden and seeds to get.  In the mean time it would be wise to buy some garden tools to have ready for use when needed.

Not much need of explaining on how to use hand garden tools since for most of us it is just common sense. Though some hand garden tools, such as the round or square shovel, could come in more use than just gardening.  If an earthquake hit your area it would be very useful to use for cleaning up or digging if someone was trapped.  Or having to dig a latrine somewhere if sewer lines were broken Or maybe for repairs needing to be done if some disaster hit.  In any case tools always seem to come in good use.

Hand mowers isn't maybe a top-of-the-list preparedness item, but if everything is in place for you, hand mowers are good if there is no fuel to be bought for your gas mower or electricity for your electric mower.  During long time periods of no commodities a hand mower would be great to cut your lawn with.

Here is a list of hand garden tools to consider:  


  • Garden rake

  • Lawn rake

  • Round shovel

  • Square shove

  • Hoe

  • Pitchfork

  • Small garden tools



  • Loppers

  • Garden shears

  • Small pruning shears

  • Hand mower

  • Broom

  • Twine

  • Fencing (To keep deer out)



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