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First Aid Supplies

First aid supplies would definitely come in handy for your emergency preparedness preparations.  In a disaster there seems to be always someone injured and would need immediate attention.  The more first aid supplies or first aid kits that you have would be for the better.  Suggestions would to have in your 72 hour kits in backpacks with small first aid kits so that every family member or person would have one accessible if needed.  Also if situated in a place that you couldn't go anywhere for supplies or have emergency medical teams not able to respond it would be ideal to have first aid supplies in your place of dwelling.  Pre-packaged first-aid kits currently available are economical and contain many of the essential items. All though most everyone of these kits will contain the basics of everything you need, but not all the first aid supplies will be included. So you can start with the prepackaged kit and add the extra items you require, or build your own from scratch.

First aid supplies can come in first aid kits or all the supplies can be bought separately and then put together as first aid kits.  First aid supplies and kits can be bought at most local drug stores as well as at general merchant stores at prices ranging for under $10.00 to over $50.00 depending on how comprehensive you want to get.  You can get a nice general first aid kit for around $25.00 that would be good for your dwelling place.  Here is a list of first aid supplies that should be included in your kits:

First Aid Supplies

Comprehensive first-aid manual
Pencil and paper
Emergency blanket
Small knife or multi-use tool

Small Flashlight (extra batteries)
Magnifying glass
Razor blade
Small mirror

Hot water bottle
Needle and thread
Antibacterial soap
Adhesive tape
Safety pins
Duct tape
Coins for phone calls

Adhesive bandages (various sizes)
Elastic-wrap bandage
Butterfly bandages                           
Gauze pads
Triangular bandage
Gauze wraps
Large compress bandage
Roller bandages (2" x 5 yards)                           
Safety gloves
Wire splint
Medical Tape

Antiseptic wipes
Lip Balm (with sun protection)
Anti-bacterial ointment
Anti-diarrhea medication
Benadryl tablets
Benadryl cream
Salt tablets
Burn ointment
Antacid tablets
Prescription medicines
Insect repellent
Snake bite kit
Cough drops
Calamine lotion
Eye drops
Moleskin/2nd Skin
Foot powder
Biodegradable soap
Sunburn cream

One of the items that should absolutely be included in your first aid supplies is a comprehensive first aid manual.  If like most people, you can have these nice first aid kits or first aid supplies, but not knowing how to use the supplies in the kits, wouldn't do you much good, especially in a critical time that you would need to use the first aid supplies.  Being familiar with what's in your first aid kits would be a good thing to study before hand and have some understanding in use so that you would be confident in what you were doing when the time was needed.



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