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Batteryless Flashlights

With the advancement of modern technology in the last few years there have been many batteryless flashlights that have been made that are wonderful for all your emergency preparedness needs.  There are a few different types of batteryless flashlights that can be purchased that you could have for the those times of emergency.

Shaking Flashlight 

These small, handy shaking flashlight are powered by your hand by simply shaking it for 20 to 30 seconds, you can have about 5 minute light which is bright enough for most situations.. There are larger shaking flashlights made which by shaking them for 30 seconds or so you will get 20 minutes of light and some up to two hours depending on the brand, etc. They instantly you will have light as soon as you start to shake them but the longer you shake, the longer the light will last.  They are powered by charging a capacitor that holds the power to light the led which are also made to last over 15,000 hours. Virtually unburnable bulbs.  These are ideal for emergency needs because they don't need batteries and will always have light when you need it. These shaking flashlights are self-contain sealed although there are those that are made that aren't sealed. Many are shockproof and float on water.  These are probably  the ones you want to use for your emergency preparedness kits.  They are better built and are great for those coming disasters we face. 

Squeeze Flashlight

This handy, easy to grip squeezable flashlight is powered by your hand and they don't need batteries. Simply squeeze it for 20 to 40 times, you can have about 5 minute light. It is bright enough for most situations.  Some of them are made with batteries and are comparable in light to a regular flashlight and will stay on like a normal flashlight with less effort. These squeezable flashlights are not water proof so you would might want to consider keeping them in a water proof bag or container when storing them in emergency kits, etc. As soon as you start to squeeze it you get instant light. Idea for emergency needs because they do not need batteries and you will always have light when you need light.

Cranking Flashlight

Crank flashlight never requires batteries although they have a rechargeable LIR2032 lithium battery; 3.6V, 35mA built in them.  With normal use, battery may be charged 500 times and last more than 10 years. With 1 minute of cranking: 1 LED illuminates more than 30 minutes 3 LEDs illuminates more than 25 minutes. Rotating 120 cycles/minute will generate 80% battery capacity.  Dead batteries are the number one problem with most flashlights, you will never have that problem with the crank flashlight. The crank flashlight has three LEDs (light-emitting diodes) that will provide super bright light anytime, anywhere. All three LEDs can be on for high illumination, or one LED on for low illumination. The reliability of these unbreakable, long life, white LEDs means you can depend on the crank flashlight. The crank flashlight is perfect for emergencies, camping, motor homes, boating, fishing, hunting, garage, car or at home in case of power outages, because the flashlight is always ready to go.

Kinetic Flashlight

The kinetic flashlight is a little more work to use but still more reliable than battery flashlights.  Just squeeze the handle for a bright light without batteries. This unique kinetic flashlight is actually an electrical generator which uses a magnetic field (and your kinetic motion) to create an electric current. By constant squeezing of the kinetic flashlight it generates electricity to light the bulb. In 1831, Michael Faraday discovered how to transform mechanical energy into electical energy using a device similar to the one in the kinetic flashlight. The kinetic flashlight isn't water proof so a little extra care is needed in storing and preserving for those emergency times.

Solar Power Flashlight

Solar power flashlights work great if you have a lot of sunlight where you live.  They are still nice to have in the long term run being that your regular batteries will probably be useless in time.  Most of the newer solar flashlights are built with LED bulbs which last incredible longer than your ordinary flashlight bulbs.  Rated over: 0.45w. charge the mono crystal panel that are built in them if under sunlight for 6 hours  will last up to 8 hours of light.  In most cases you won't being using it for that amount of time so on the days that it is cloudy you will still have light for a couple of nights.  A lot of them are built with a Ni-Cd rechargeable battery and the life time for the mono crystal panel can last up to 20 years. It's good to be prepared and have a few sources of light during those times of emergencies.


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