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Toyota Truck 1986 Electric Vehicle (EV) $7000

This is a newly converted plug-in electric 1986 Toyota Truck (model #RN50L-KRA) with a 5 speed transmission, rear wheel drive (VIN# JT4RN50RXG0153905).  The new electric motor is made by D&D motor systems #ES_31B, and its rated at roughly ninety HP Peak at 144 VDC, its presently wired at 96 volts.  It has a Curtis Controller 1221C 120 Volts ( There are sixteen new Energizer 6 volt batteries that are installed in this vehicle. It will comes with two Soneil Smart Battery Charger (Model #4820SR) 10 - 20 amp with five automatic charge cycles. Data sheets on the charger can be downloaded at  It has installed a DC volt meter and amp meter on the dash for easy readings.  It also has a ceramic heater core installed (but not yet wired) for heat that runs off the battery pack. Top speed can be up to 60 MPH that can be reached with this EV, which is what it got with recent testing, but average speeds are around 50 mph.  Faster speeds can be obtained by adding batteries up to 120 volts (Voltage limit of the Controller).  Once they are worn in it will pick up speed and range.  It will get between 25 to 50 miles on a charge depending on driving habit, your speed, driving terrain, cold weather, etc. Batteries are brand new as of Feb 2008.  As the batteries cycle through after 16 to 20+ charges there will also be a noticeable difference in farther range per charge.  Currently it is getting about 30 to 40 miles on a charge until the car wears in more.  Normal car parts for this car are easily accessible at your local auto dealers.  All the electric conversion parts that are made with this EV are made here in the USA and come with a two year warrantee.  This is a great run around electric vehicle for most your local driving including driving to work and can carry much more cargo if needed.  The 96 volt chargers have been added under the front hood and the charging plug is accessible in front of the vehicle.  This means you can charge with any 110 volt outlet including restaurants and public places (which I have done).  There is no rust or body damage at all, a good sound vehicle.  A quick removable tow bar is included with this vehicle, so you can come pick it up yourself and save transport cost.  This truck is sold as-is. This truck is registered in the state of Utah as a "Clean Air Vehicle" and qualifies for tax rebates. It also has a clean title.  If you have any specific questions about the car, additional information or additional pictures, please call us at 801-628-6509 or email at  For technical questions please ask for Brian.





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